18 Apr 2018

Ella Sweater WIP

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I have started with my customised Sirdar Ella sweater. I have decided to use the pattern back, front and sleeves.
I changed the border to a 2x2 rib and made it longer.
Depending on how much I have left I will decide between long or 3/4 sleeves. So far I love it.

The lace pattern is from the Japanese Knitting Stitch Bible.

On Your Toes

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And another pair finished.
Now I have to throw a sweater in between.
The pattern is On Your Toes by Drops and the yarn is Fabel by Drops. I only change the heel pattern. I got tired of stripes. 😂

5 Apr 2018

Flower Music Socks

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I was really itching to knit sock again.

So here is the first pair.

Flower Music by Drops Design

 Made from:


911, picnic
100, off white

Cover Moorland

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I made a cover for the plastic beaker I store some of my tools.

No pattern, just made it to fit the beaker.


Moorland CAL

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I finally made the Moorland CAL which I had the yarnpacklying around for ages.

Here's the link to the pattern:

You can get the yarn pack here:


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