Wednesday, 10 May 2017

It's getting too warm...

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In case anyone is wondering why it is so quiet here.
Well, I never do much knitting when the temperatures are rising.
The occasional lace knitting or socks maybe. 
I knitted a few pairs of socks I just need to take pictures. And I crocheted a shawl and a kimono style jacket. The jacket just needs finishing and then pictures taken.
After that some lace knitting with Ice Yarn cakes.
Just wanted to let you know I am still busy but more with my other hobby, 3dArt.

Also I am working on a new web design for myself. Which can take forever until I have made up my mind what I really want.
Also I am reorganizing my 3d content which takes forever too.
Knitting will go up in priority when it's getting colder again.

Stay safe everyone and enjoy the Summer!💟🌄

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Hygge CAL

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I have started with one of the planned Hygge Shawls.

I am just not the start and stop person. So I am waiting for the CAL to finish and then I will make both.
I bought this and the Mermaid colour pack.
I have also bought some backing fabric.
I'll add those pictures later.

I and lots of others struggled with the surface crochet.
I thought embroidery and used the chain stitch. It works very well.

I bought the backing fabric from here
It's pretty easy to do without knowing any Dutch.

Sock Crazy

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Atm I am knitting lots of socks.
The only pattern I know by heart.

Here a few examples in 4ply, 6ply and 8ply.

Since then I have knitted another 4 pairs and more to come 😉

Gifts for Noodle the Dachshound

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Gifts for the dog of one of my FB friends.

A sweater made from Rowan Wool Cotton 
a blanket made from Cascade Yarns Ecological wool

Unfortunately Noodle loved the blanket that much she shredded it.
I told my friend not to let her close to sheep if she does that to a woolly blanket 🙀😸


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